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I have been using Purrfect Meows & Wagging Tails for over a year now and am very pleased with the care given to my aging kitty. She has a full regiment of pills and drops, and antibiotic spray that must be given multiple times daily. I generally work long hours and am not able to be home at each treatment interval as prescribed by my vet. Purrfect Meows & Wagging Tails has been there for me to take care of my little one. In the past, when I have gone away and left my kitty alone, I return to her balding and suffering weight loss. Now, she is quite healthy and her hair has all grown back! Thanks for everything!

John F., Santa Ana, CA.


Cerri has been taking care of our 3 cats for the past year. Before we used Cerri, we had neighbors check in on them a couple of times a day. We would spend our vacations worrying about them. One of my cats, Peanut, would get so traumatized when we were gone her hair would fall out in spots and she would lose weight. We leave town for usually 3-10 days each month and Cerri stays and takes care of them. Since she has been staying at the house, Peanut has not lost any hair and has even gained weight! She is clearly well taken care of when we are away. In addition it is nice to know our home is not empty and is usually cleaner than we left it when we return. I recommend Cerri to anyone who loves to spoil their pets!

Ann and Johnny, Tustin, CA.


My husband and I own 2 huskies that we adopted as puppies. They mean the world to us. Their names are Rio and Vegas. They are full of life and have tons of energy. They need constant attention. We were never really able too travel much because we would worry so much about our babies in a kennel. We started using Cerri from Purrfect Meows and Wagging Tails, after a friend recommended her. We now have traveled all through Europe, Costa Rica, and Australia, sometimes for a month at a time. We never ever worry. Cerri sticks to the special diet the dogs need and plays with them.. We have such peace of mind now when we travel because when we get home our dogs are very happy and obviously spoiled. They are healthy and we can tell they love her. When we arrive home after sometimes a month we cannot even see a foot imprint on the carpet. Our house is so clean. We would recommend her to every and anybody. She is a true animal lover.

Karen & Buzz M., Newport Beach, CA.


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